Information regarding EN 45545

The new EU-norm EN 45545-2 which applies for the railway-transportation technology
became valid since April, 01, 2016.
The transition period of 3 years has expired as of April 2016.

This norm replaces the national norms NFF16101/16102; BS 6853 and DIN 5510-2.




Murrplastik as one of the leading manufacturers of:

  • Cable protection conduit and fitting systems
  • Cable retaining systems
  • Cable entry systems
  • Labelling systems
  • Cable drag chain systems

has explored the challenges of the new EN Norm 45545 early on. By the end of 2013 the Murrplastik product range could be tested according to the new EN-standard, building on the experiences gained during the tests to the national standards.

The people responsible at Murrplastik realised from the very beginning that only the HL3 values, (highest ranking) in the hazard level table, could be considered for Murrplastik products, in order to ensure the highest degree of certainty to design engineers of the vehicle manufacturing industry.

Even for closing spaces according to DIN EN 1363-1:2012-10 for conduit fittings and cable entry systems, the requirements of t = 20 min (E 20) and t = 30 min (E 30) were heeded.

Additional information regarding EN 45545

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